1st RICELT Annual Meeting (Chilean Researchers in ELT)

1st RICELT Annual Meeting

“Why does Chile need an ELT Research community?”

5th June 2015
Universidad Central,
Santiago Edificio Vicente Kovacevic II.
Avenida Santa Isabel 1278, Santiago Centro. 

Empirical knowledge about the English Language Teaching (ELT) reality in Chile is scarce. There are few accessible articles in ELT in Chile and these have little impact on teaching practice, consistently evidencing a mismatch between theory and practice. Similarly, there is a clear need to promote teacher-research initiatives in the Chilean context, where local expertise (that of both academics and teachers) is undervalued.

Given this context, a key question emerges: Why does Chile need an ELT research community?

In order to answer and discuss this question, the 1st Meeting of Chilean Researchers on ELT (RICELT) will be held at Universidad Central on 5th June 2015. 

This meeting is organised by RICELT with the support of the English Opens Doors Programme (EODP) from the Chilean Ministry of Education, and sponsored by the British Council, the American Embassy, and Universidad Central de Chile.

The aims of this first meeting are:

  •    Identify the current research carried out by Chilean ELT researchers
  •    Disseminate and share research in Chilean ELT
  •    Reflect on and discuss the needs of researching the Chilean ELT context.
 Given these questions and objectives, we would like to invite teachers, researchers, academics, undergraduate and postgraduate students in Chile and abroad to present their work and proposals for the 1st RICELT Annual Meeting.

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