We are a group of people interested in promoting the research in ELT in Chile. School teachers, university teachers, under graduate and postgraduate students, and MINEDUC (PIAP) are involved in this network.

  • Few accessible articles in ELT based in Chile with little impact in teaching practice.
  • Need to promote teacher-research initiatives in the Chilean context.
  • Inconsistency between the ELT theory and the practice in the Chilean context.
  • Local expertise (academics and teachers) is undervalued.

RICELT birth

Five Chilean teachers met at the IATEFL International Conference in Harrogate, UK in April 2014 and decided to share their concerns and motivation to promote ELT research in Chile.
  • Loreto Aliaga 
  • Paula Rebolledo
  • Pia Tabali
  • Maria Jesus Inostroza
  • Gloria Romero

Website/Social network support: Manuel Herrera M.

  • To make ELT Chilean research more visible and accessible.
  • To improve the relationship between Chilean ELT researchers and governmental institutions (PIAP, MINEDUC) and associations / agencies like IATEFL Chile, TESOL Chile, British Council, etc.
  • To promote dialogue and collaboration among different ELT actors in Chile.
  • To promote and share teacher-research initiatives.

The launch of RICELT was at the IATEFL Chile conference as part of a discussion panel called "RICELT: Building an ELT Knowledge Community in Chile". This was a fruitful experience that gave RICELT the energy to keep going.

RICELT's first annual meeting

In June 2015, RICELT will launch its first annual meeting where Chilean teachers and researchers will share their research on Chilean ELT. More information here.


RICELT organised two successful events to disseminate MA research in Chile and in the UK with the support of Universidad Andrés Bello in Viña del Mar and the University of Nottingham in the UK. 

If you want to part of RICELT just complete this form.

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