We are a group of people promoting

Local Research in ELT in Chile

School teachers, university teachers, undergraduate and postgraduate students are involved in this network.

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  • 02 June 2023
  • Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins, Santiago.
  • Face-to-face conference with some remote sessions online. 

    We are a group of people interested in promoting local research in ELT in Chile.

    Why RICELT?

    • Few accessible articles in ELT based in Chile with little impact in teaching practice.
    • Need to promote teacher-research initiatives in the Chilean context.
    • Inconsistency between ELT theory and practice in the Chilean context.
    • Local expertise (academics and teachers) is undervalued.


    RICELT organises Biannual Conferences and MA-focused Events. 

    RICELT team

    If you are interested in joining any of them, please let us know here.
    Read more about the committees below. 

    Advisory & Research

    Provides feedback, advice and support to the coordinating committee on the academic content and interest areas of the network, and advice and support on future research carried out


    Networks with different members of the RICELT research community through different communication channels, i.e. e-mail, , Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

    Projects & Outreach

    Looks for funding opportunities for the network and therefore, to assist the coordination committee achieve the projects/ activities they propose and to suggest projects and/or activities emerged from dialogue with partner organisations.


    (Co-)organise events both nationally and internationally throughout the year, providing a network platform to enable research dissemination and socialisation with fellow researchers and people interested in ELT research in Chile.

    Please do get in touch with us to share your ideas

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    A working definition of research

    RICELT understands research as:

    “The careful study of a situation/facts through the collection of evidence and its analysis.”